Friday, September 26, 2008

"Migration" and More

Saturday 20th Sept 2008

Doug Aitkin's new show at the 303 Galleries in Chelsea ( both the new and the existing one) was my first stop tonight.

I then had to run over to Plumm on W14th Street for the wrap party of "Inseam". This is a new documentary series for web TV ( backed by Cotton Inc., and hosted by Eric Villency that focuses on the work and experiences of 3 women designers; myself, Nicole Romano and a bridal designer Lara Helene that has been filmed over the last 6 weeks.

With a bit more filming over and I was dying to find my friend Amir Zia and his sister Saira who were at a friend's loft birthday party on Canal Street...I wanted a dance!

STAR , by Doug Aitkin. I really loved this tweaked view over LA.

A shot of Doug Aitkin's video installation. A Reindeer in a motel room upstate somewhere.The imagery was quite beautiful.

Lara Helene, Eric Villency, Nicole Romano and me at the "Inseam" party

I loved working with film director James Merendino, who filmed the documentary with his sister Lisa.

Amir Zia later that night with Nat Hays from Plus One Music.

Saira Zia who is now a buyer for Saks, with part of someone's Robert Downey Jr outfit...I'd forgotten (as had most people) that it was fancy dress.

This was that morning on my doorstep ...lederhosen!