Friday, January 30, 2009

The Biba Blonde

Thursday 29th January 2009

On Thursday I was thrilled to meet the legend behind the original Biba, designer Barbara Hulanicki. The iconic Biba department store defined fashionable London in the Swinging Sixties and louche Seventies. The vast emporium which sold everything from accessible fashion, to make-up and pet food was an Art Deco / Art Nouveau / Victoriana influenced rock'n'roll disco palm tree filled fantasy. Plus there was a roof garden with flamingos.The details! Everyone hung out there from Bowie, Twiggy and the Stones to the fashion conscious girl-next-door. What an inspiration...
Barbara now lives in Miami where she designs interiors and has just completed a new line of clothes for Topshop which launches in April.

Still super chic, Barbara Hulanicki with me at the Rainbow Room ballroom where we had attended the Fashion Group International's Rising Star Awards , for which I had been nominated.

I love this photo. Barbara then; on the roof garden of Biba on Kensington High Street in 1973 with the infamous flamingos.

( Photo Desmond O'Neill )

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama Makes History

Tuesday 20th January 2009

Barack Obama's inauguration. Unfortunately it wasn't an option for me to take a trip down to Washington to be part of this monumental event, so sneaking out of work at lunchtime to watch it on the big screens in Times Square had to do...

Yes we can! Seeing Barry on this scale looming above Times Square crowd was pretty sensational. There wasn't a dry eye in sight. Oddly there was no sound broadcast though...?!

Obama taking his oath from all angles.

Paud Roche and me freezing in Times Square.

More from the White House.

This day the whole of New York was celebrating. It was all about Obama and finally change. Here are some very happy kids on the subway going home ( break dancing to Kanye ).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Olivia Wilde about my Dress!

Tuesday January 13th 2009

Here's the lovely actress Olivia Wilde looking divine in one of my hand screen printed silk Zandy dresses from my spring 09 collection at the Fox Winter All-Starparty in Hollywood last Tuesday night...

Photos courtesy of Startrax photos.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Amir's Big Birthday

Friday January 9th 2009

I kicked off this year for real with my dear friend Amir Zia's birthday party. It was his big four oh! All New Years resolutions went out the window and we had a good old fashioned raging house party....

Lindsay Thompson working a great blazer look.

Amir Zia, man of the night, looking fabulous at forty.

Me, Brooke Geahan, James Gardner and Natasha Royt. Blondes having more and more fun...James loose the gloves!

Saira Zia, Amir's gorgeous sister and buyer for Saks online, pacing herself!

Julie Krauss and Jihae Kim having a dance- off.

Stylist Priscilla Polley ( in an enviable Hussein Chalayan print dress) and Jen Talbott the PR director for Intermix.

The Henry, sparkling in his novelty sweater.

Blogging queen Susan Kirschbaum with Parker Argote

Patrick O'Leary and Paud Roche.

Drew Cramer and Carole Ramer looking sensational in one of her signature hat and waistcoat looks.

Designers Whitney Pozgay and Lauren Felton, looking like they're up to something...