Sunday, September 14, 2008

Club Sandwich hits NYC

Sunday 7th September 2008

After the exhaustion from the endless weeks of non-stop work put into getting my collection together, and the having to get up and sell it the following day at 9 am, I didn't manage to do anything fashiony until Sunday, the day of my dear friend James Gardner's birthday extravaganza. The legendary Club Sandwich kids from Paris flew over to host his disco spectacular at the Norwood. I don't think the Norwood has ever seen anything quite like it.....

The sensational Catherine Baba, James Gardner and me leaving Soho House where we started the evening with dinner by the pool, before making an entrance...!

Fay Cantor-Stephens plus headdress .(I have no recollection where this headdress appeared from but it's in half my photos.)

My boyfriend Paud Roche, plus that headdress.

Vogue's Hamish Bowles, anxiously texting on the disco dancefloor.

Yassa Khan and Joanne Furnace, looking knockout.

Catherine showing a bit of flesh and another old friend from Europe, Thomas Jibogan,( who is also my casting director.)

Alister Mackie, who just can't ever keep his clothes on either , having a shimmy.

My mates the boys from Parsons, who all really gave me a helping hand during the past week, Aaron Bakalar, Pat McGrath and Jordan Bach.

Grant Woolhead, the new fashion editor of Out..grr!!

T Magazine's Armand Limnander

Elle's Joe Zee.

Nicole Brown looking hot in one of my dresses.

Ben Copperwheat, Chris Apple and Lee Copperwheat.

Me with Ben Pundole

Casey Spooner on the right with the lovely locks.

What a finale. Mademoiselle Mercedes, cabaret star of the night, with James.