Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer in the City

July 28th - August 9th 2007

Over the last few weeks I've been really trying to make the most of being in New York. On a barmy summer's night last Thursday I went to see Daft Punk and The Rapture play in Coney Island. And what a scene! The most amazing lightshow that I've ever set eyes on against a stunning backdrop of the ocean and the old funfair. And the looks! It was hipster heaven...all neon, headbands, playsuits, glitter, masks, plastic, stripes and prosthetic noses. I even saw Jeffrey Deitch eating a corn dog.

Just a reminder...

The look of the summer. Day-glo dreaming.

My ex-intern the lovely Gisela Lemos with her friend taking photos for Brazilian

A pitiful photograph of Daft Punk's spectacular lightshow from the future. You did have to be there.

Not the look of the summer.

I bumped into some mates. Drew Elliot...


and Macky Dugan, who all run Mr Blacks top night on Fridays in their spare time.

The view of the old Astroland funfair from the beach at Coney Island where we went for a postshow walk. Soon to be no more...

My friend Minnie Weiss over from London, who I went with to the Interview / Hugo Boss roof party and screening for the Julian Temple film about Joe Strummer, before and after the Clash.

Another pitiful photo, this time of the filmscreen!

A real New York institution, the basketball court by W4th subway station in full swing the other Saturday.

Kitty and Paud are mesmerised.

The iconic Kim Gordon rocks out as Sonic Youth play Brooklyn, part of their Daydream Nation tour.

I ran into stylist Keegan Singh with Genevieve Jones

The venue, MacCarren Pool which is a vast relic of a swinmming pool from the twenties in Williamsburg.