Friday, March 28, 2008


March / April 2008

There's been a lot going on in New York over the past few weeks, with art fairs, openings, launches and benefits etc., It's been packed, fun and sweaty but it's still not warm enough for me to go out without my opaque tights on. Hell!

Anyway I've been around and about, not as snap happy as usual,but here are a few things that caught my eye in the city recently...

The gorgeous stylist Natasha Royt at Nylon's 9th Anniversary party at 1Oak on April 2nd

J Erricho, Nylon's fashion director and Sophia Lemar

Rebecca Guinness with designer Kai Kuhne on best behavior

Paul Sevigny spinning

Stylist Susan Joy hiding behind her bubbles at the Nylon party

My ex-intern from Parsons Aaron Oscar Bakalar looking very suave with his BFF's Patrick and Jordan at Socialista for his 21st birthday party

Me with my old Belgium friend from London Olivier Van der Velde who came to stay with me, at Socialista

Two girls on the dancefloor at Beatrice.I feel a much overdue mini-crini moment coming on!

After Hope Atherton's opening at the Bortolami gallery we popped to the Deitch Gallery on Wooster for the opening of the Substraction show. Here's Olivier again, in front of artist Sterling Ruby's spray paint works.

I spent Easter with Paud's family in Connecticut.I couldn't leave out the Easter Bunny.

Me and Kristian Laliberte...strangely in the Bloomingdales mens department for another Nylon party

J Erricho and Kim looking smashing in her Katherine Hamnett Choose Life t-shirt.Whenever I see that t-shirt I always get a flashback to seeing Wham! in London at a "Junior Best Disco in Town" concert, a long time ago!

Leah Bourne and Carter Cramer who write the website"Le Monde de la Mode"in their spare time

The Virgins on stage at Bloomingdales. Corr!