Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Electric Fountain Neon Glitter

Tuesday 26th and Wedsnesday 27th February 2008

It was my friend Liz Vap's birthday party at Black and Whites. DJing was legendary photographer Mick Rock, who Liz looks after,and it was a real downtown and dirty New York old school rock 'n' roll night out. Loved it!

The following evening I just about managed to get to the opening reception of Electric Fountain at the Rockefeller Plaza. This 35ft high illuminated sculpture by British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster is a stunner!

The Electric Fountain in all it's neon glory

Liz Vap blows out her all her candles as Nur Khan tries counting them.

Mick Rock spins the tunes with Tweedle Dee (no idea who!)

His lovely daughter Nathalie Rock enjoying been 18 and out and about.

Mikey Boy and artist Tatyana Murray.

Viva,actor and very old friend Ale Magania with me

Jen Talbott and Maya Singer from

Double trouble; Rory and Rebecca Guinness.

Music PR Alex Baker has a go on the decks

Amir Zia, Sarah Cristobal the editor of Harpers Bazaar online, Liz and Kristen Alexander-King