Thursday, March 20, 2008


Saturday 15th March 2008

My dear friend from London Caron Geary was over in NY as her performance artist alter ego Feral ( lead singer with Cantankerous, but this time solo) to perform at PS1 as part of the WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution.So there were a lot of issues going on here!
I just think she looked and sounded amazing( she interrupted the discussion with 3 songs, including "Di-ska-sting" and "Flesh Roast"!), I can't really begin to explain...

Feral! Staring St Patrick's Day early in her Celtic jacket at PS1

Feral again in her handsome performance look of the day

Attention to detail. Underneath her Thai head dress...!

Me and Kitty ran into stylist Rebecca Weinberg with a perfect bowlcut and her daughter Amelie.

Ben Copperwheat and Pam with Feral and Amelie

Kitty about to freak out with Paud and Feral

Feral realness! Here's Caron as herself at mine with Kitty