Friday, November 14, 2008

Election Hallowe'en Whirlwind Marathon

Tuesday October 21st - Tuesday November 4th 2008

The last month here has been a total whirlwind of real edge of seat nailbiting events and dancing on seat celebrations. Here are just a few things that went on, from my daughter Kitty's 2nd Hallowe'en birthday and our first trick or treating experience to Obama's historic election triumph, with a few bits in between...

Woohoo! The moment in history when Obama won, here on the TV at Norwood. What more can I say except thank you America, finally.

I watched the election at Norwood ( we did toy with the idea at going to Harlem but didn't quite get there) with my boyfriend Paud Roche, Fay Cantor-Stephens and her boyfriend Deepak.

Breaking News, New York went nuts at this point, John McCain conceeds.

Hallowe'en and novice trick or treating on the LES with my friend Deanne Cheuk, her daughter Lake and Kitty.There are somethings that money can't buy..

Lake, her friend and Kitty smeared in chocolate. Priceless.

Kate Schelter rocks. Her she is on Oct 21st at the Mobile Art Chanel Contemporary Art Container in Central Park, looking divine in a white silk jumpsuit I made for her. (Photo Wireimage).

On Sunday Nov 4th we hoofed it over to Central Park to watch fellow Brit Paula Radcliffe storm home to victory in the New York City Marathon. She was too fast for me to manage to even get a shot of her, but this is the men's winner, Brazilian Marilson Gomes dos Santos charging to the finish.

Here's Kitty at the 26 mile mark.

I really liked this blurry girl kiss image on the wall somewhere I think on either Bond Street or the Bowery that I saw recently.