Sunday, February 3, 2008

January 2008

This month was all work, work, work! I did manage to fit in at least one or two good nights though. The Chanel Nuit de Diamantes gala at the Plaza was about as glam as you can get.This was debuting Chanel's diamond pieces from their archives but I was really more interested into seeing what the Plaza renovations looked like( plus seeing everyone else when I still had a remanent of suntan).
I also hosted my friend Amir's birthday party at my apartment, with a bit of a housewarming for me and Paud thrown in too.It was a lot of fun and I feel this is the beginning of my new entertaining at home phase..

Selma Blair with one of my first NY friends Jen Ramey from IMG, at the Chanel party.

Poppy De Villeneuve and Chiara Clemente with a friend.

Amy Sacco and Sarah Cristobel.

Leigh Lezark, Ben Cho and Leigh's roomate.

Stella Schnabel who was DJing and artist Terence Koh.

The new ballroom at the Plaza. Oooo!

Britt Olsen , Paul Sevigny and Greg from the MisShapes, who were also DJing too.

Sophia Lemar and me.


Amir Zia celebrating his birthday wearing my gift to him. Couldn't fit the straw in too well!

Kate Elson, Liz Vap and Kitty.

Me , Amir and Nancy Whiskey.