Thursday, October 18, 2007

Burnham Carnival

Saturday 29th September 2007

On the way to Paris we took a bit of a detour and stoppped off at my parents' house in my home town of Burnham - on - Crouch( or Burnham - on- Scrunchie as Paper's Mickey Boardman likes to call it) on the Essex Coast.It just so happened it was Burnham Carnival that night. This meant a lot to me! Burnham used to have the longest illuminated carnival procession in the world and growing up it was one of the top nights of the year.It's any excuse to dress up ; it was an early influence.

Mr Pig ( probably the local butcher) does his bit for charity.

Local girl

I couldn't get on the Twister quick enough.It's all about the cheap thrills.

Local Carnival Queens on their caged float.

A majorette in the procession.I've always wanted a go at that twirling.

The fairground.