Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tulips and Pansies

Monday 21st May 2007

Village Care of New York, the community-based charity that helps AIDS patients in need of housing and medical services, held their annual "Tulips and Pansies" flower headdress extravaganza on Monday night. The event was chaired by Mickey Boardman from Paper and Kate Shelter, and they got me on board along with a whole host of other designers, to create a flower headdress with the collaboration of floral designer. The night was a hoot; Lady Bunny DJ'd, there was a BBQ buffet, and the diversity of the crowd Paud likened to a casting call for the Poseidon Adventure!

Lady Bunny busts a move.

Designer Erin Featherstone and her beau.

The inimitable Kate Schelter.

Me with Janneke Verhoeven and Liz Hehir from my studio. It's all about blondes.

LA based designer Magda Berliner in one of her beautiful antique lace dresses.

Cindy Greene with her winning Libertine headdress.

The big bag entry.

A bemused Kitty in her new gold dress with Paud.

Mine and Bridget Vizoso's Peony and Sweet William hat.

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