Friday, May 18, 2007

Thursday night in New York

Thursday 17th May 2007

Last night Paud got us tickets to see the hysterical Kiki and Herb at the Knitting Factory where they were recording their dvd. Straight from there we traipsed over to the new Bowery hotel to meet up with Amir Zia ,the Lipman gang and a assorted cast of characters at Benny Medina's party, then rounded off the night meeting up with Kate Elson at the Box. Phew.
Then this morning Susan Cernek the fashion editor of interviewed me interestingly enough , about my blog for the New York Times T magazine.

My star intern from Arnhem, Holland, Janneke Verhoeven came over to babysit for Kitty.

Kiki and Herb at the Knitting Factory. Paud was surprised at the number of men in the audience.

Me with Benny Medina, manager and producer of the stars.

Amir with his boss, the King of fashion advertising David Lipman.

Quynh Mai from Lipman, snuggles up to some rapper.

Benny and David get jiggy, whilst the gorgeous Tina Lipman grabs her coat.

Showtime at the Box.

The effervescent Kate Elson, twin of Karen, with Paud and Amir.

Lovely Susan Cernek in my studio.