Monday, January 12, 2009

Amir's Big Birthday

Friday January 9th 2009

I kicked off this year for real with my dear friend Amir Zia's birthday party. It was his big four oh! All New Years resolutions went out the window and we had a good old fashioned raging house party....

Lindsay Thompson working a great blazer look.

Amir Zia, man of the night, looking fabulous at forty.

Me, Brooke Geahan, James Gardner and Natasha Royt. Blondes having more and more fun...James loose the gloves!

Saira Zia, Amir's gorgeous sister and buyer for Saks online, pacing herself!

Julie Krauss and Jihae Kim having a dance- off.

Stylist Priscilla Polley ( in an enviable Hussein Chalayan print dress) and Jen Talbott the PR director for Intermix.

The Henry, sparkling in his novelty sweater.

Blogging queen Susan Kirschbaum with Parker Argote

Patrick O'Leary and Paud Roche.

Drew Cramer and Carole Ramer looking sensational in one of her signature hat and waistcoat looks.

Designers Whitney Pozgay and Lauren Felton, looking like they're up to something...