Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Chateau

LA Fashion /Market Week, 20th -25th March 2007

Travelled to LA with Paud and Kitty and the new Fall collection for sales at the Hatch Showroom downtown. Stayed at the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel compound. Hard to leave. Kitty became the accessory du jour and met everybody ( except unfortunately Jonathan Rhys Myers and Robbie Williams who slipped past her).

The weather was divine. Had breakfast with old friend Emma Forrest; British novelist and ardent shopper. She gave me the proof of her new book Damage Control, a wise and funny collection of essays from best-selling women writers and actresses, including Rose McGowen, Minnie Driver and Julie Burchill, in turn writing about therapists, beauticians and trainers who navigate their bodies. All proeceeds benefit Women for Women International, a non-profit orgnaisation, see to see how you can help.

Emma Forrest and Kitty

Spent a few fun nights rollickling around the Chateau with Mandie Erickson and my new English friends Nikki from Issa and stylist Becky Corbin Murray, caught up with designer Erica Davies and had my old friend James Abbott over to meet the baby.

Mandie Erickson

Becky and Nikki in the penthouse

Erica Davies and new found friend

James Abbott

Had to check out the shops so spent a day driving around and trying to park. Had brunch with lovely superwoman Jeannie Lee from Satine, whose store looked fantastic.Then finished off the day with a trip to one of my favourite vintage stores, Hidden Treasures in blissed out Topanga Canyon, where I bought a brilliant mola top from Panama to the sounds of Ravi Shankar.

Jeannie Lee

Paud and Kitty shopped out