Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Love Beth Ditto

Tuesday 15th April 2008

Ever since I first heard "Standing in the Way of Control" early last year I've been a huge fan of the Gossip. I saw them play live for the first time on Tuesday at Webster Hall, and Wow! Beth Ditto is a superstar. I couldn't have enjoyed it more. Plus I'd coincidently just made a dress for her that week for Nylon, so when I met up with J Erricho the fashion director at the gig we piled back to meet Beth and the rest...I'm a fan.

Beth Ditto belts it out on stage, looking a stunner in Jeremy Scott.

Beth and me backstage (I'd been down front so looking slightly frazzled here)

Beth again

And Beth in full swing. What a sensation.This was just before she jumped into the crowd...

Murray Hill, the compare for the night with Beth Ditto

Michael Musto from the Village Vopice with the cowboy from the Village People ( yes he's still alive a kicking) Randy Jones at Beige afterwards

PR Nicole Brown was there with Dean and Dan Caten, D Squared

Stylist Grant Woolhead and photographer Danielle Levitt